i have been trying to post for a couple of days now. i keep getting interrupted. not by life but by my other internal parts. i get cut off. distracted. switched out. any way to stall me from using my voice. why?

they are here to protect me. but is that protection needed any more? its likely that the answer is no. i am all over the shop right now. rapid switching and a fog like state of auto pilot leave me wandering around my house.  i have deployed various grounding techniques to try and lift this “fog” with out much success.

i have concluded that this is part of the process of memory recovery. i have recently had a large memory recovery and i think my internal system is trying to cope with the aftermath of this. what does happen after memory recovery? headaches, body memories, fog, rapid switching, hijacking of the body by little parts, lost time. pretty much all hell brakes loose for my internal system. and we as a bunch of parts all in one body, try to perform some kind of damage control.

i have realized however that there is a difference between last time this happened and now. i have more coping mechanisms. i have a clear support system in place. i have lists of things to do posted on my fridge and around my house. my brain does not freeze and i find things to help me. there is more internal communication to help all of my parts get through this.

i am more prepared for what is happening and what is coming. and it feels good.

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