dear universe . . .

it is a rare occasion that i get to write anything. there are so many other parts who avidly jump on the laptop and try to wear out its keys as they let the thoughts translate into words. but today i ask “Dear universe, what the hell did i ever do to you?”

i have become the bigger person. learned to let go of things. let go of people. to let my anger out in productive ways. to recycle. to cook. i even tried to learn how to sew (not successfully). the barrage of things that need to be coped with just keep on coming. every time i say this another part says “keep on truckin”. which is great. until i start to lose time.

i understand that the concept of me is a relative term. all of my internal parts are me. everyone is just a little bit separate now. i get that someone in here doesn’t want to share. i think i just might be a bit stretched at the moment. i woke up after 15 hours sleep. tired. sore body. some things in my house out of place. i found a receipt in my email for an xbox game purchased online with my new credit card.  that pretty much tore it.

i think i need a me day. or an us day. i need a day. i need yoga and a nice hot bath and maybe a trashy movie in my pj’s. is it possible that i have been so busy looking after my DID that i forgot to look after me?

Dear universe, i am taking the day off.

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