transferring therapists. its a monumental task for anyone. to let go of someone who you have developed the deepest trust in. then begin to  start building trust with a new therapist. huge. 

there are emotions flying around everywhere. a lot of sleeping and crying and just flat out denial of what is slowly happening. the person who we felt safe with for the first time, our first therapist. we are moving on from. this is heartbreaking to say the least. that first healthy connection of trust. the first person who believed us. who listened to us. who helped us. with this help we ever so gently and slowly came out of our hiding places inside. we learned to trust her and each other. we began to communicate inside and work together. without this work we would not be ready for our new therapist.

our new therapist is completely different. the place we go to is different. the techniques we are learning are different. its all different. we have learned to not be so afraid of change. to accept that everything moves and changes. so we are not afraid of our new therapist. we are “rolling with it”. trying all of the new techniques. we are embracing everything that might have caused us to feel fear before. i have to tell you, its an amazing feeling of freedom. we can try anything. if it doesn’t work, we simply don’t try it again. no big deal.

as a system we have been waiting for the other shoe to drop. for something horrible to happen. we have been waiting to fail. we are so used to failing. but we are not failing. we are succeeding. we have done so much work with our old therapist that we are ready to start this new work. we have all the tools that we need. we are in a place where we can do this. it feels good. its a new feeling. we can experience new feelings.  there is a sense of pride inside. as a system we were so afraid of this transition. but we are doing well.

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