shut down

it has been incredibly difficult to write lately. mostly because the system has been triggered and in various stages of “shut down”.

i believe this is different for all systems. but some basic elements remain the same. for my system it looks like this.

stage one shut down. partial communications breakdown. some parts are able to speak to each other. usually key parts who make up part of the skeleton crew. but other parts are not able to speak to each other or access parts of the shared memory held by those they cannot communicate with. this gives the parts that have become isolated some lost time. and also feelings of disconnection and confusion.

stage two shut down. any parts not in the skeleton crew do not have access to the body. they are “hidden inside”.  the remaining parts who make up the skeleton crew have limited communication with each other and no access to the shared memory. they have limited access to the body. they tend to become aware of this very quickly and often try to source outside help to resolve the issue causing the shut down.

stage three shut down. all of the adult parts are “hidden inside” and only the inner little ones are about. they have full access to the body. they are aware immediately and will try to access outside help. they are very scared as they know that there should be adult parts looking after them and don’t know what to do without them.

these stages of shut down have not changed at all during my therapy. but what has changed is how the parts react to being in shut down. now they have a series of coping mechanisms they can employ. and there are notes around for the inner little ones who now know to contact our therapist should this situation arise.

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