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integration aftermath

this past week has brought about the aftermath of integration within my internal system. there have been a few different reactions from different parts. the first one was shock. a reaction from the core part of the system. being kept … Continue reading

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it has been difficult to write lately. i wanted to talk a little bit about secrecy. it is something that has been ingrained into my system. it is part of the way i have survived for such a long time. compartmentalized. … Continue reading

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shut down

it has been incredibly difficult to write lately. mostly because the system has been triggered and in various stages of “shut down”. i believe this is different for all systems. but some basic elements remain the same. for my system … Continue reading

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reactions that are too big

i  recently had several parts react to an event. the initial reaction seemed ok. but then the emotions continued to increase in intensity. the reaction now seemed out of proportion to the event. so i asked around inside. to find … Continue reading

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little ones finding us

my inner little ones pointed out that it might be a good idea to talk about how each of them found the rest of us inside. after initially being found by our first little one, this process happened again and … Continue reading

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internal defence system

i decided today to talk about my internal defence system. as with any defence system it has its own alarm. its own perception of what is dangerous and what is not. and procedures to follow when any situation becomes too … Continue reading

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